Advancing the Public Good

Inspiring excellence in leaders and organizations

Since 1993, The Centre has delivered thousands of hours of training, coaching, and consulting services to hundreds of public sector and community-oriented organizations throughout California and beyond.


The Centre was born in the public sector and has partnered with community focused organizations since 1993.


The Centre draws upon more than a quarter century of deep experience working with and learning from our partners.


The Centre works closely with its clients to design and deliver solutions that are tailored to their purpose, culture, and unique needs.

Case Studies

Succession Planning – City Department

Organizations that don’t effectively manage turnover lose critical institutional knowledge and can end up with employees feeling like they are just a cog in the wheel, which leaves them less capable of pursuing their stated purpose. The Centre recently teamed with a city library and cultural arts department for a three-year project to forecast their long-term talent needs and overhaul their hiring, onboarding, retention, and role transition practices to support a highly engaged, purpose-driven culture.

Extended Learning – County Government/Healthcare

The Centre developed Peer Learning Groups (PLG) in response to a client’s request to provide Centre Academy graduates with extended learning opportunities. A county employee attested to the increased camaraderie, encouragement, and support resulting from their participation, and one hundred percent of PLG participants at a major healthcare organization agreed that PLGs increased collaboration and contributed to their development as leaders.

Finding Purpose – School District

Effective strategic planning is at the heart of every successful organization. Yet, most struggle with creating meaningful plans that touch people’s lives. By focusing on the “Why” – on the organization’s purpose – The Centre helped a southern California school district surface their core values, foster connections and conversations with key stakeholders, and create clarity for the future.