In addition to the Certified Public Manager® Program and the Public Management Academy, The Centre offers a variety of other academies for public-sector professionals.


Open Enrollment academies provide organizations the opportunity to enroll members of their staff into a powerful leadership development training program. Participants interact with members from other organizations in a course designed to engage, educate, and inspire them to become strong leaders and change agents within their own departments, teams, and organizations.
Certified Public Manager

Certified Public Manager® Program/
NEW Centre Leadership Academy

The Certified Public Manager® Program, now known as The Centre Leadership Academy, is an intensive, competency-based curriculum, which builds on the Public Manager Academy and prepares managers to respond to the complexities of the highly charged political environment of public service. Graduates earn a nationally recognized CPM® credential and 10 UCSD Extension credits.

Public Management Academy

Public Management Academy

The Public Management Academy is a thought-provoking and challenging curriculum that creates a critical mass of leaders who begin to look more deeply at their responsibilities from an organization-wide perspective. (This program serves as a pre-requisite for the Certified Public Manager® Program.)

Supervisors Academy

Supervisors Academy

The Supervisors Academy is designed for first and second-line supervisors and those who lead front-line employees.




The Supervisor’s Transition and Readiness Training is intended for individuals who are about to, or have recently become, supervisors.


Foundations in Excellence

Foundations in Excellence is a thought provoking and challenging program designed to meet the needs of staff who do not have supervisorial responsibility and are interested in learning some of the tools, concepts, and best practices taught in leadership academies.

Professional Assistants Academy

Professional Assistant’s Academy

The Professional Assistant’s Academy is based on input and research from executive secretaries, administrative assistants, and chief executives in several organizations.

Tailored In House

Tailored Academies

Customized development programs are a specialty of The Centre. The content includes core curriculum found in our other acad­emies and specific organizational content and activities unique to the client.


Tailored In-House academies are a specialty of The Centre.  The content includes core curriculum found in our other academies and specific organizational content unique to the client.  This method is designed to offer special attention to issues that an organization may be having so messages and methods can be established to create change. These academies bring a customized approach focusing on the performance needs of the organization and bringing the services in-house in a personal and convenient way.