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The Centre provides a variety of consulting services to meet every organizational and individual need. Scroll down to learn more about our individual coaching and organization development services.

“Thank you for everything in these last several months! I really didn’t know what to expect at the beginning of it all, and I don’t know that I fully see how far I’ve come, but I know that I’m in a significantly better place as a leader (and human!) because of this experience and because of you.”

“It went so well… with your help! I channeled our conversation and your advice, and I relied on my passion and abilities. I wouldn’t have thought to go that route. You are simply brilliant and inspirational. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and investment in our process. You made us better.”

Coaching Outcomes

Individualized coaching yields benefits to individuals, teams, and organizations.

Improved Team Performance

Increased Engagement

Increased Productivity

Improved Employee Relations

Faster Leadership Development

Improved Self-Awareness

Personalized Coaching

One-on-one coaching services tailored to your development needs.

The Centre will custom design a coaching plan that builds on the client’s strengths to enhance performance, envision possibilities, and manage change.

Thought Partnership

Fruitful partnerships for decision makers.

Thought-partnership with an experienced consultant is a useful tool that executive leaders can use when evaluating and making strategic decisions.

Organization Development

Consulting services to enhance the performance of your team and your organization.

The Centre utilizes a variety tools to determine the needs of your organization and to develop a customized plan to enhance team performance, manage critical changes, and support strategic objectives.


Personalized coaching for professional development.


Collaboration toward increasing team performance.


Implementing change to address agency-wide dynamics.

Sample of Services

Change Management

Culture Change

Strategic Planning

Customer Service Training

Management and Executive Coaching

Customized Development Programs

Interventions and Managing Conflict

Team Building

Survey and Assessment Methodology

Benchmark and Best Practices

Strategic Human Resource Consultation

Process Improvement

Organization Design/Restructuring

Project Management Methodology

Performance Management

Leadership and Talent Development

Diversity and Inclusion

Facilitation for Boards and Executive Teams