Benefit from The Centre’s extensive experience in the public sector

Identifying the key needs of our clients, and creating solutions to meet those needs, is a passion and primary focus for The Centre. As a result, the following Cornerstone Programs have been developed with the primary needs of our clients in mind. Over time, these approaches have proven to be effective and have shown positive impact on bottom-line results.

Employee Engagement Surveys

An employee engagement survey provides multiple opportunities to engage all employees of an organization.  Not only does it provide an opportunity to gain valuable insight from employees, it also increases engagement itself as the process of asking them questions creates a dialogue and inherent interest in their opinions.

The Centre’s Employee Engagement Survey assesses key components that we have identified as critical to employee engagement in organizations after years of our own research. Additionally, the report includes normative data for comparison to other similar agencies.


Mission-Based Innovation Programs

We partner with our clients to build sustainable innovation programs that engage all levels of the organization in capturing forward-thinking and positively focused ideas and solutions that will effectively lead the organization forward in achieving their mission.

The Centre’s Mission-Based Innovation Programs incorporate a four-step innovation cycle and a four-phase process model built to establish a culture of innovation.

Alliance Toolkit Program

ONE Team. LEARNING Together. GROWING Together. 

Clients just like you have been asking for an integrative program that will allow an entire department, division, or team to connect and grow together, so we created the Alliance Toolkit Program!

This program integrates consultant-facilitated sessions on topics such as Role as a Leader, Managing Others, Managing a Team, and Performance Management that are customized to meet the needs of the organization or team, and is then supported with a Management Toolkit and Employee Toolkit chock full of activities, tips, worksheets, guides, and strategies to facilitate the long-term integration of concepts for team effectiveness. Coming full circle, all members of the unit, including staff, come together to participate in a World Café Activity.  This experience enables the entire team to collaboratively brainstorm avenues to increase team effectiveness, identify barriers to success, and actively discuss the application of newly developed skills in their environment.


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