Tailored In House
Upon request, The Centre can put together a unique, in-house academy for a client organization. The content will include core curricula from our other academies and specific organizational content unique to the client, such as presentations from in-house experts on budget, human resources, labor relations, and timely issues of importance to the organization.

With the exception of the Certified Public Manager Program, most of the content presented in our academies is also offered as a stand-alone presentation or as part of a tailored in-house academy or series.


In delivering each of our Academy programs, The Centre for Organization Effectiveness utilizes a three-phased approach:


The first phase, Assess, provides the foundation for the program. Not only are program participants assessed on public-sector competencies, but the competencies also inform the design of the program.

The second phase, Develop, makes up the bulk of the academy and consists of all efforts to assist the participants in gaining and growing their skills and rounding out their capabilities on the key competencies.

The third and final phase, Inspire, is critical to the application of lessons learned and ensures the impact of the program is experienced within the organization. The learning does not stop when the program ends and this final step is designed to support ongoing collaboration and integration.


The Centre follows a proven methodology to engage the organization in the process of selecting the content for the Academy and tailoring the program to meet the development needs of the organization.  We also assist with all of the details to make this program a success.

Request a Custom Created Program for Your Organization