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The Centre provides a variety of training programs to meet every organizational and individual need. Scroll down to learn more about our Academies, Targeted Trainings, and Customized Solutions.

In House Tailored Academies

“Our work with The Centre is all about navigating the complex. Our Centre Academy grads are stepping up and navigating our new reality in this virtual world filled with unprecedented challenges. Our partnership with The Centre taps the true potential of employees committed to serving our community.”

“Anyone who wants to leverage their management skills in the public agency arena should seriously consider this program. I received so much more than I ever expected.”

“You provided our team exactly what we needed to refocus and move ahead, and captured the major events and items that needed “air time” – I know everyone enjoyed the day.”

“I feel more successful in identifying and aligning resources to meet out commitment to those we serve – the public and our agency employees. I highly recommend the CPM program.”

“This was one of the best trainings that I have been to in a very long time. I will be watching for another one….”

“Anyone who wants to leverage their management skills in the public agency arena should seriously consider this program. I received so much more than I expected.”

An intensive, competency-based curriculum that builds on the Management Academy and that prepares managers to respond to the complexities of the highly charged political environment of public service. Graduates earn a nationally recognized CPM® credential.

A thought-provoking and challenging curriculum that helps leaders to look more deeply at their responsibilities from an organization-wide perspective. This program serves as a pre-requisite for the Certified Public Manager® Program.

Geared to first- and second-line supervisors and those who also lead front-line employees, the sessions focus on the changing role of supervisors and on skill building in the areas of team development, performance management, coaching and counseling, conflict resolution and communication, and managing diversity.

Intended for individuals who are about to or recently have become supervisors. Participants will create a Transition Action Plan focusing on long-term skill development that will support their transition to supervisory roles.

Designed to meet the needs of staff who do not have supervisory responsibility but who are interested in learning some of the tools, concepts, and best practices taught in leadership academies. Includes an emphasis on strengths-based leadership.


Tailored to where you are. And where you’re going.

Centre Academies are built around thought-provoking curricula targeted to a specific stage of an employee’s development. For those who participate in multiple Academies, The Centre becomes a partner along their professional development path.

Certified Public Manager®

A rigorous curriculum designed to help leaders navigate the political landscape of public service.

The Centre is the exclusive provider of the Certified Public Manager® program in California. In addition to the curriculum, participants will complete a capstone project leading to the nationally-recognized certification.

Alumni Support

Extend learning while building team cohesion.

Peer Learning Groups

Peer Learning Groups (PLGs) provide ongoing learning opportunities and support for Centre academy graduates. PLGs meet monthly to explore issues relevant to the group’s continued professional development. The Centre provides a consultant to help guide the group’s work.


Microlearning videos serve as “refreshers” to support alumni of the training academies. These videos are not intended to teach new information, but rather to support continued awareness and application of tools, techniques, and learnings from the academies.

Alumni Days

Alumni Days are half- to full-day programs that engage Centre graduates and motivate them to reconnect with the content and the tools that they learned as academy participants. Agendas are tailored to the needs of the group and the interests of the client.

Targeted Training Programs

Standalone training opportunities targeted to specific needs.

Targeted Training programs focus on discrete topics ranging from personal development to team performance. The Centre’s training curriculum is based on more than 25 years of partnership with public sector agencies, and is revised to reflect new learning and emerging trends.


Your most important resource is your employees. Our workshops focus on competencies such as Business Communication and Presentation Skills.


Interpersonal dynamics drive team success – or failure. Workshops include Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Management, and more.


High-performing teams don’t materialize out of thin air. This suite of trainings centers on how to build, lead, and participate in diverse, effective teams.

Special Topics

In association with our partners, The Centre offers a number of special topics such as Emergency Preparedness and Information Technology training.

Custom Training Solutions

Centre Curricula. Your Needs.

Each organization’s needs are unique to their culture, purpose, and a host of other factors. Based on in-depth consultation, The Centre will modify its existing training programs – or design ones from scratch – to most effectively meet those needs.